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Complex Family Services

PI Northern Lithuania College since 2017 March is implementing a project “Integrated family services in Šiauliai municipality”.



The goal of the project is to provide integrated family services together with carrying out preventive activities in order to enable family to deal with various problems.
The target group of the project are persons (families), who are in need of integrated help in order to solve various problems that occur in their lives.
The project is financed by the European Social Fund, so complex services will not cost residents of Šiauliai city.
The result of the project – is the establishment of a Community Based Family Home in Northern Lithuania College.


Community Based Family Home

Šiauliai city Community Based Family Home in the southern district (Tilžės str. 22, PI Northern Lithuanian College) invites everyone to get involved in the ongoing activities to take care of their family's well-being, emotional atmosphere and prosperity of relationships.
Family means sacrifice, forgiveness, patience, mutual help, respect. We will help you better understand how to achieve this, improve parenting skills, focus the efforts of family members, overcoming life obstacles.


Individual (in pairs or one by one) psychological consultations are provided for adults, teenagers, children (7 years old and up):

- in a Community Based Family Home (Tilžės str. 22, PI Northern Lithuanian College);

- in distance – online via computer or smartphone (Skype, Messenger, Viber apps).

Those experiencing difficulties in the process of raising children, interpersonal problems, divorce, psychological crises, violence, loss, anxiety about the COVID-19 pandemic, or simply seeking to better understand and get to know themselves.

Registration for an individual psychologist's consultation is online:, or by phone: +370 679 43 636, e-mail:;

Services are provided to families who want to improve or acquire parenting skills. The aim is to develop the best qualities of parents and children, to help them reveal their abilities, to strengthen the desired behavior and to properly resolve conflict situations. According to experts, responsible parenting solves many problems related to the child's upbringing: misconduct, lies, theft, crime, etc. Parenting skills are developed. Individual consultations for parents (adoptive parents, guardians) will allow to delve deeper into a specific problem situation, maintain optimal parental relations with children. The tasks performed during the organized group sessions and purposeful discussions will allow a new look at the problems that have arisen, to find the best ways to solve them. Communicating with other parents will provide an opportunity to share valuable experiences, while looking for rational solutions.

Activities are organized to develop the skills needed in family life. Thematic group classes, trainings (seminars) on self-awareness, improvement of family relations, strengthening of family values, development of harmonious family communication, overcoming constructive family crises, strengthening parenting skills are carried out.
Dates of seminars and trainings are published in the FB account of the Community Based Family Home -> 

Services are especially relevant for families who experience strong disagreements and face conflict situations. Mediation services - focused on out-of-court conciliation of civil disputes, help to reach an amicable settlement of a dispute in the family.



Project Manager Dainora Samčenkienė
Project Activities Coordinator Ieva Skabeikienė
Phone.: +370 679 43 636

PI Northern Lithuanian College,
Tilžės str. 22,
Šiauliai, LT-78243