About Us

Our Mission

Effectively engage citizens of Northern Lithuania region in Social inovation by initiating and implementing activities that develop a civilly active, socially responsible, able to think creatively and critically society.

Our Vision

Leading non-governmental organization in the Northern Lithuania region, effective in social and educational fields, providing quality public services and applying social innovations in its activities.

What we do

We provide social, psychosocial, sociocultural, non-formal education, social integration and conference centre services.
We provide services to various social and social groups: children, young people, seniors, families and their members, people who have lost their jobs, socially vulnerable or socially excluded people, other members of the community and society who wish to develop and improve.
Since 2017, the organization has been operating community family houses (BŠN) in Šiauliai, where residents of Šiauliai city are provided with various social and social preventive services free of charge: individual psychologist consultations, positive parenting group training, etc.
We carry out non-formal education on the topics of family well-being, social integration, civic education, anti-corruption education, information literacy, personal finance management, equal opportunities (gender, etc.), sustainable lifestyle, entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, etc.
We are actively involved in public policy-making, preparing and submitting proposals for public administration decision-making to the responsible state and municipal institutions. We develop volunteering.

Donate for art therapy studio "Bright Childhood Garden"

By donating You can directly  contribute for art therapy studio where children can be healed and supported after domestic, sexual and other types of abuse. 

Paremkite dailės terapijos studiją „Šviesus vaikystės sodas“

Skirdami 1,2% pajamų mokesčio, Jūs tiesiogiai prisidėsite prie dailės terapijos studijos įkūrimo, kurioje vaikai galės gydytis po traumuojančių patirčių.