We are intensively developing project activities. In order to offer the residents of Šiauliai county innovative social , psychosocial, sociocultural, non-formal education, social integration services for family well-being, civic education, active ageing.

Over the past few years, we have successfully implemented more than 20 local and international projects funded from various sources.

Implemented projects since 2008:






“Development of Institutional Capacities and Resources of the NGO Northern Lithuanian College”


The institutional capacity and resources of the NGO Northern Lithuanian College have been developed, increasing the focus of the organisation’s activities and improving communication and publicity.


“Christmas light fiesta in the southern community of Šiauliai”

2021– 2022

During the Christmas period, a Christmas light mini park was established in the Square near the Northern Lithuania College, contributing to the decoration of outdoor public spaces, the development of holiday culture and traditions, and better meeting the needs of the local community.


“Let’s decorate the city together – the creative expression of Šiauliai city youth photo art“


Knowledge of Šiauliai city youth history about the city, competencies of artistic and creative expression have been improved, they have been applied in practice and two exhibitions of the works of the youth fund open to the public have been implemented in cooperation with Šiauliai city seniors.


“Development of Community Activities in Šiauliai: Towards an Active and Self-Growing Community”


Strengthening community activities.


“Christmas tree lighting festival in the southern part of Šiauliai city: creative development of community traditions”


During the Christmas period, a mini park of Christmas lights was established in the Square near the Northern Lithuania College.


“Youth Success Laboratory: Motivational Experiential Training for Siauliai Youth”


Distance learning on entrepreneurship and communication topics was carried out.


“How to improve entrepreneurial skills in families”

2019– 2021

Improving entrepreneurial skills in the family.


“Formation of a more responsible approach to health in Šiauliai city community: towards a healthier self”


Improved conditions for the health of the urban community.


“Development of community activities in the southern territory of Šiauliai city”


Strengthening community activities.


“Non-prickly adolescence: family activities that break down communication barriers”


Strengthening family ties and making it easier to survive adolescence.

10.1.2 ESFA -K-917-02-0017

“Formation of Šiauliai County Youth Intolerance Provisions for Corruption”

2018– 2020

The study of „Youth Provisions and Attitudes Towards Corruption and Anti-corruption Potential“ was conducted. A non-formal education program “Corruption in the Life of a Young Person: Expression and Prevention” was implemented. 3 initiatives have been implemented: creative workshops – photo session “I am Intolerant of Corruption, and YOU?”, Orienteering competition and forum “Fight Corruption While Young”.


“SalesLabs for Employability Competencies Development/ SalesLabs”

2017– 2019

20 updated study subjects by integrating the problem-based learning (PBL) approach. An adult training program was developed and implemented, 40 participants were trained. Created sales laboratory (SalesLabs).


Community and NGO of North Territory of Siauliai “Joint Nationals and Community Initiatives towards Creative Society”


The aim of the project – to ensure opportunities for community activation, development of NGO sector activities, cooperation efficiency and strengthening of civil society.


“Improvement of Šiauliai City NGO project activity competencies”


Improvement of project activity competencies.


“Training in 3D Printing To Foster EU Innovation & Creativity – 3DP”

2016– 2018

Developed a 3D printing curricula and courseware, a trainer guideline and an e‐learning platform (available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Lithuanian).


“Strengthening of non-governmental organizations and community activities in Šiauliai city southern district”


Strengthening NGOs and community activities.


“Demotivation to Violence”


Prevention of domestic violence.


“Language of Silence: Integrated Creative Education for the Hearing Impaired” – in cooperation with Šiauliai municipal public library


Interactive methodological photography material for people with hearing impairments was prepared.

SŽ – 947

“Move and Improve”


An event promoting healthy living for the city community was organized.


“Media and Information Literacy Trainings for “Communities” of Šiauliai city” – in cooperation with Šiauliai Municipal Public Library


A methodological tool on safe and responsible online behavior was developed. Information literacy training was organized for young people and adults.


“Familiar/Unfamiliar Social Networks” – in cooperation with Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Public Library


A methodological tool on safe and responsible online behavior was developed. Information literacy training was organized for young people and adults.

SŽ – 481

“Start the Summer Actively”


A sport event was organized for the city community.

SŽ – 423

“Smart Mobility”


Workshops on traffic safety were organized for the city community.

UD – 2015- LT – 1379

“Support to Compensate a Foreign Lecturer’s Visit”

2015 – 2016

International relations.


“Analysis of the Quality of International Practice Study Practice and Improvement of its Organization”

2015 – 2016

A study of the international mobility of Northern Lithuanian College students was carried out.

S – 405

“Šiauliai is a Friendly City”


Public painting workshops with students of Šiauliai S. Daukantas gymnasium were organized.

S – 449

“Promotion of Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle at Northern Lithuanian College”


A healthy lifestyle seminar and hiking was organized.


“Strengthening the Teamwork of the Student Representation of the Northern Lithuanian College”

2015 – 2016

Teamwork trainings were organized for the members of the North Lithuanian College Student Representation.


“Training for Career Guidance Professionals in Developing Interactive Tests in Moodle Environment and Video Lectures”


Methodological material on the development of distance learning courses in the Moodle environment was developed. Courses for vocational guidance specialists were organized.


“Strengthening the Competences of the Student Representation of the Northern Lithuanian College by Deepening Teamwork Skills”


Trainings ere organized for members of the student council and gymnasium students about teamwork. A team work guide was prepared.


“Baltic Sea Region Studies Network”

2014 – 2015

Workshops and seminars were organized for students on the economic, political and social development of the Baltic States.


“Dreamy Future in my Hands”


International relations.


“Support to Compensate a Foreign Lecturer’s Visit”


International relations.


“Erasmus for Lithuanian Schools III”


Promotion of the Erasmus program, non-formal education of students, strengthening of social partnership.


“Responsible Youth”

2013– 2014

Three public social campaigns were organized in Šiauliai city spaces.


“DAMA Network”

2013 – 2015

Creativity seminars, trainings, workshops for students and teachers were organized.


“Virtual Media Workshops”

2013 – 2014

IT promotion project. 5 virtual school models (3D) were developed.


“Under My Wings: Supporting Graduate Entrepreneurship”

2012– 2014

A methodological training program promoting graduate entrepreneurship was developed.


“Erasmus for Lithuanian Schools II”

2012 – 2013

Promotion of the Erasmus program, non-formal education of students.


“Erasmus for Lithuanian Schools I”

2011 – 2012

Promotion of the Erasmus program, non-formal education of students.


“Valorizing Your Potential – Making Adult Learning Visible”

2011 – 2013

A methodology for informally acquired competencies was developed.


“European Glossary for Vocational Educational and Training”

2011– 2013

Innovative subject foreign language learning tools were developed.

502127-LLP-1-12009-1-IE LLP-GRU-MP-2009-LT-00097

“Women Technology Entrepreneurs”

2010 – 2012

A distance learning course was developed to promote female entrepreneurship.


“New Approaches to Immigrant Language Learning”

2010 – 2012

A methodology for foreign language teaching of immigrants has been developed.


“Systematic Improvement of Teachers’ Competencies in Order to Achieve Educational Innovativeness of Studies”

2010 – 2012

A model for improving the competencies of teachers was developed.


“I Will be an IT Engineer”

2010 – 2011

Five exhibitions were organized in schools on the application of new technologies and the promotion of IT specialties.


“North Lithuanian College Practical Training Center with Innovative Infrastructure”

2010 – 2012

A modern practical training center of the Northern Lithuanian College was established.


“Model of Organizing Internships for Students of the 1st Degree Study Programs in Economics and Business Management in the Manufacturing Sector Based on the WIL Methodology (UNIWIL)”

2010 – 2012

A model and methodological recommendations for the organization of student internships in the manufacturing sector was prepared, and an information system for student internships was developed.


“Development and implementation of models for career education and career monitoring of higher education students, improvement of qualification of vocational guidance specialists working with students, creation of tools for them”

2010 – 2013

Professional development of specialists.


“Finding Innovative ways of Defining and Measuring Quality in Adult Provision for Socially/Economically Disadvantaged adult Learners”

2009 – 2011

A system of methodological tools was developed to help assess the quality of adult education.


“European Intercultural Self-Efficasy”

2008 – 2010

An information system on the implementation of adult education in different countries was developed.


“Modernization of Vocational and Career Guidance, Information and Counseling Services by Implementing a Unified Model of Career Design Competence Development in Colleges and Universities”

2008 – 2009

Organized trainings were designed for students’ career planning (management) competencies necessary for self-knowledge.


“The Creation of the Methodic of Preparation and Evaluation of the Final Project of IT Engineers”

2007 – 2009

A methodology for the preparation and evaluation of a computer engineer’s final work / project was developed.



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