Community Family Home


PI Northern Lithuania College since 2017 March is implementing a project “Integrated family services in Šiauliai municipality”.


The goal of the project is to provide integrated family services together with carrying out preventive activities in order to enable family to deal with various problems.

Complex assistance can be used by individuals and families who are going through a crisis or experiencing traumatic experiences, including social, psychological, psychotherapeutic assistance related to raising children, balancing family and work obligations, domestic violence, divorce, or problems that cannot be solved on their own. Individual or group psychological consultations are provided for adults and children from 7 years of age.

Free psychological help is provided by psychologists: Donata Ulvydaitė, Kristina Jurienė.

The project is financed by the European Social Fund, so complex services will not cost residents of Šiauliai city.

Free psychosocial services are provided:

Consultations are provided to residents of the city of Šiauliai upon prior registration at the College of Northern Lithuania, tel. +370 679 436 36 or upon arrival at the location (Tilžės st. 22) room 211. at the Project Activities Coordinator Ieva Skabeikienė.

We offer the following free services to Ukrainians fleeing the war:

Registration for an individual psychologist’s consultation is by phone: +370 679 436 36 and e-mail. email:;