Community Family Home


PI Northern Lithuania College since 2017 March is implementing a project “Integrated family services in Šiauliai municipality”.


Šiauliai city Community Based Family Home in the southern district (Tilžės str. 22, PI Northern Lithuanian College) invites everyone to get involved in the ongoing activities to take care of their family’s well-being, emotional atmosphere and prosperity of relationships.
Family means sacrifice, forgiveness, patience, mutual help, respect. We will help you better understand how to achieve this, improve parenting skills, focus the efforts of family members, overcoming life obstacles.

  • The goal of the project is to provide integrated family services together with carrying out preventive activities in order to enable family to deal with various problems.
  • The target group of the project are persons (families), who are in need of integrated help in order to solve various problems that occur in their lives.
  • The project is financed by the European Social Fund, so complex services will not cost residents of Šiauliai city.
  • The result of the project – is the establishment of a Community Based Family Home in Northern Lithuania College.

Services we provide:


Project Manager Dainora Samčenkienė
Project Activities Coordinator Ieva Skabeikienė
Phone.: +370 679 43 636

PI Northern Lithuanian College,
Tilžės str. 22,
Šiauliai, LT-78243



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