Case Management

Case management is the organization and provision of comprehensive assistance to the child and his representatives in accordance with the law, coordinated by the case manager, with the aim of helping them overcome the social difficulties that have arisen, the successful solution of which would provide the prerequisites for avoiding possible violations of the child’s rights and would enable them to independently ensure the child’s rights and legitimate interests.

The goal of case management is results-oriented, timely and appropriate service delivery – use and coordination of community resources and services – quality and quality control of each individual service – inter-institutional cooperation.

Service initiation:

The service can be initiated at the request of the territorial department of the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service, in case of possible violations of the child’s rights, or the child’s parents, and / or institutions and organizations that organize and aid children and / or families, if in their assessment, there is a necessity of complex assistance to the child and / or the family.

Case management includes:

  • Assessment of the family’s needs for help and the level of manifestation of social risk factors in the family, organization of help;

  • Assessment of the child’s individual needs and the family’s social environment, risks, and possible sources of help;

  • Drawing up an assistance plan;

  • Organization of assistance;

  • Coordination of the implementation of the assistance plan;

  • Family monitoring;

  • Ensuring a safe and well-equipped environment for the child and his family.

The implementation of the assistance plan is coordinated by the case manager, in consultation with the social worker for work with the family and other specialists who participate in the creation and implementation of the assistance plan.

Case manager 
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